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About us


nternational Tibecom & Co. Trust S.R.L. is the company specialized in customer support and counseling, offering quality products manufactured in Italy for personal and household care.

The brands we represent on the Romanian market come exclusively from established Italian producers, which are present at the International level and distributed by our company both in the online environment – through our own online store  CleanSea.ro, as well as in Hypermarkets , Supermarkets and in your neighborhood’s shops.

International Tibecom & Co. Trust S.R.L. offers a wide range of products, from perfumes and body care products to detergents, disinfectants or other household cleaning solutions.

If you need support, advice and additional information, our team offers you all the support through all the modern communication channels. We know that the tastes are not discussed and that is why if you do not find what you are looking for in our product portfolio, it is enough to make a request and we will respond promptly, trying to satisfy your desire and bring your favorite product.

Among the brands we sell on the Romanian market and for which we are authorized and exclusive representatives, we mention Chanteclair, Perlier, Venus, Bionsen, Fila, Pulirapid, Winni’s, Smacchiotutto, Tesori d’Oriente, Vidal, Madel. We sell these brands that have a proven and recognized quality on the international market, at advantageous prices for you.

We take into account your opinion and do our best to keep you in touch with you as pleasantly and comfortably as possible. This will keep you up to date with new product releases, and we are continually improving to make you happy and you can confidently recommend to your friends.

You are the reason we are on social networks. We are transparent and accept any comment, whether positive or negative, on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin page. Because we want to be the best in what we do, in some cases we are wrong, but it is normal, we assume, correct and return.

Our story


n 2003, International Tibecom & Co. Trust S.R.L. began his work in a relatively small office with a team of few but very impressive and dedicated staff. We started with positive energy, vision and dedication for what we do, and these values have been passed on to our work so far.

15 years later we became the company that provides people from all over Romania, personal care products and household products at the highest quality. We have exclusive contracts with our Italian partners, as well as extensive collaboration with the largest retailers in Romania. We represent world-class brands and sell on all trade routes (modern, traditional, online).

2018 is the year when we launched the Clean Sea brand – a sea of relaxation, our online trading platform where our products can be purchased quickly, simply and cheaply.

So we are constantly expanding, looking for new opportunities, but always committed to customer satisfaction. In over 15 years of activity, we have gathered around us a community of people who know our products and services, constantly buying from us, encouraging us and criticizing us constructively when we are wrong. These friends have led us to continuously expand our portfolio of premium quality brands from Italy to over 30 international brands, both niche and mainstream, and hundreds – maybe even thousands – of products.

We carefully select each brand and product we sell so that our customers’ exigencies are fully satisfied.

Female manager with client

Our Super Powers


e listen to the needs

Our main skill is that we can perceive what our customers and partners want, listen to their needs and put them into practice. We are appreciated for this and we know how important it is.

Quality is the only standard.

We can not control the quality of the products, but we can test and select them so that we deliver to our customers the best products from the most respected brands. Instead, we can adjust the quality of our services: impeccable distribution, total transparency, the right relationship with partners.

Organization 100%

We are a fast growing company and we know how important it is to be able to be prepared from all points of view. We implement modern management systems, apply efficient distribution solutions, and permanently assess internal and external risks.

Continuously developing
Because the market we are active in is a very dynamic and competitive one, we always make sure to anticipate trends in the field. Let’s just step ahead and thank as many customers and partners as possible.




The values after we can guide our activity can be of any company on the market, but we know how to put them into practice every time and if you want to convince yourself, we invite you to discover it at any time.
Seriousness, quality, friendship, vision, honesty, bidding, promptitude, fresh.


We are determined to provide quality to all our partners (customers, retailers, suppliers) through fairness, innovation, promptness, transparency.


We aim to bring for our customers the best feelings and experiences through the Italian qualitative brands we represent under advantageous conditions. Have solid and fair partnerships with all our distributors and suppliers. We want to grow in a healthy, organic way across the board – online, retail, brand awarness.

The experts of International Tibecom & Co. Trust S.R.L. are always at your disposal. Clients and partners have taught us not to leave anything at random. That is why we have, over time, formed a team of professionals, each experienced in its field of activity, and especially carefully to the needs of its clients.

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Perlier is a recognized brand of the Italian producer Kelemata. It includes a variety of body care products for womens. For over 50 years, the most effective natural active substances are selected and the most advanced technology is used in creating the excellent formula for skin care.

All products are made on the basis of specially developed natural recipes for relaxing moments and perfumed body treatments. The range of cosmetic products contains 100% Italian organic honey, thermal regenerative ingredients from volcanic rocks and thermal waters, almond oil, coconut extract, vanilla essence and vanilla, mango butter and herbal essences such as iris, orchids, lavender, lily of the valley or sandalwood.

Perlier shower gels, shampoos, body scrubs, oils, body creams and nutritious treatments are ideal for daily pampering, softens skin and gently cleanses the scalp.



The Bionsen product range for personal hygiene is developed in the Italian Coswell Laboratories. Research and analysis made by the dermatology clinic of the University of Siena, in collaboration with the Tokyo Spa Center, are the basis for the innovative formula of cosmetic products, rich in regenerative substances of the Japanese thermal springs.

Each embellishment solution is created to highlight natural beauty and to fight effectively against the first signs of aging. For these reasons, Bionsen cosmetics are dermatologically tested and made from active minerals that protect and moisturize the skin. The range of shower gel, bath foam, shampoo and deodorant for sensitive skin are recommended for delicate personal care and long-term beneficial effects.



Venus is one of the brands developed by the Italian manufacturer Kelemata. Backed by a history of decades, this trademark continues to be a benchmark today in the face and body treatments industry. The wide range of cosmetics is suitable for any age.

Available products include face cleansers, ideal for facial treatments and suitable for all types of skin, even for the sensitive skin. They easily remove makeup and impurities, gently exfoliate skin and stimulate cellular regeneration. The various face creams complement the daily care ritual, moisturize the skin, make it soft to the touch and fight the wrinkles.

Body care would be incomplete without bath creams and Venus shower gels containing an innovative formula based on natural ingredients, oils and herbal extracts.



Mister Baby dermato-cosmetic baby products are created by the Italian company Coswell. With a history of over 50 years, this brand has consistently evolved both in terms of superior quality and innovation. Advanced technology, ingredients and research have led to the development of a wide range of baby skincare cosmetics.

All Mister Baby products are dermatologically tested and free of alcohol, parabens, hypoallergenic perfumes and any other substances harmful to the sensitive skin of babies. Shower gel, shampoo, body milk, rash cream, body cream, wet napkins and face cream protect the baby’s delicate skin and provide a complete care ritual.



For over 30 years, Pulirapid is one of the most remarkable brands of the Italian company Madel. The varied portfolio of kitchen and bathroom cleaning products has contributed to significant recognition. This was declared by ACNielsen, a global marketing company, as one of the best brands on the market for lime scale removal products.

Bathroom and kitchen hygiene solutions consist of an effective formula that helps to clean surfaces easily. Since 2014, manufacturer have been using a new manufacturing technology so that limestone is no longer a problem. Therefore, the wide range of Pulirapid products is ideal for removing dirt, limescale and stain removal in the shower or bathtub, toilet, and even glass.



Made from raw materials of plant origin, Winni’s products are also part of the Madel portfolio. Household and laundry care and personal care solutions help to remove stains and bacteria quickly, and to maintain skin health.

The range of cosmetics is 100% made from herbal derivatives and organic ingredients and tested to be compatible with all skin types. The authenticity of the products is proven by the certified organic certifications: ICEA – certifies the use of raw material from biological sources, the benefits of the organism and respect for the environment, SKINECO – confirms the compatibility of Winni’s products with skin types and VEGAN OK – lack of animal ingredients and testing of products on animals.



Vidal is a trademark designed for the personal hygiene of the entire family. Made by the Italian company Conter, the Vidal brand is distinguished by the range of quality and innovative cosmetics and intense aromas. At the heart of all products is a thorough research to discover the most appropriate ingredients that help to regenerate the skin and a delicate care ritual.

Variety of flavors, as well as different formulations of cosmetics, are ideal to meet the needs of every member of the family and to provide daily pampering.

The special complex of dermato-cosmetic moisturizing ingredients protects the skin, softens it and makes it brighter. Assortments of shower gel, liquid soap, hair cosmetics, shaving foam, deodorant and other Vidal care products are the right solutions for 100% Italian hygiene.



Chanteclair includes a variety of detergents for laundry and home care products. Made by the Italian company Real Silva, this brand has been developed to provide efficient laundry washing and easy removal of even the toughest stains, as well as fast cleaning of dishes and home surfaces.

Liquid detergent, powder and clothes conditioner range removes traces of: fruit, wine, tea, coffee, vegetables, ice cream, chocolate, make-up and more. The diversified range is recommended for clothes made of the following materials: cotton, wool, cashmere, microfibre, silk, velvet, lace, embroidery and jeans.

The multitude of cleaning products are suitable for polishing the whole house. From the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, garage, terrace or balcony, Chanteclair solutions remove dirt and bacteria from all surfaces.



Tesori d’Oriente philosophy consists in offering all women the opportunity to turn the small gestures of daily routine into pure rituals of pleasure. The Italian trademark Conter is a complete line of beauty rituals, recognized for the quality of 100% Italian products and unique fragrances that have an unmistakable, sensual and long-lasting smell.

All Tesori d’Oriente products provide delicate body care, restoring skin balance and helping to rediscover your deep sense of relaxation. These are created in harmony with the delicate skin of consumers and the environment. Therefore, the range of shower gels, bath creams, body scrubs, body oils, hand creams and deodorants do not contain parabens, mineral oils or synthetic dyes.



Body care range Fila includes a variety of assortments of cosmetics for men and women. Performance and innovation are the strengths behind the development of long-lasting personal hygiene products. The Fila brand has chosen Coswell as a partner for cosmetics without aluminum, alcohol, preservatives or color additives.

The variety of deodorant assortments contain a formula enriched with active ingredients that ensure long-lasting freshness, invigorates and exudes an intense fragrance throughout the day. And the soothing properties of chamomile extract protect the sensitive skin of the underarm against irritation.
Shower Gels and Shampoos Men’s and Women’s Shampoos are ideal for daily cleaning and pampering moments after a long day of work.



The large portfolio of Madel’s manufacturing company also includes one of Smacchiotutto’s most widely used brand of laundry detergents. It is specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of each consumer. The goal behind this brand is to offer a high-quality solution for cleaning the most difficult stains on clothes such as sauce, chocolate, wine, fruit, coffee, ink, lipstick, mud, fat, blood and much more.

Available in liquid form, the concentrated formula of Smacchiotutto clothes detergent is effective to have impeccable clothing. The brush option is ideal for cleaning stains that have penetrated into the laundry fabric and the spray detergent is suitable for removing dirt from the collars and cuffs, as well as deodorant traces.

International Partners



With over fifty years of experience in the field of herbs and medicinal herbs, Kelemata began as a pharmaceutical company, being known for the famous Kelemata herbal tea, in the ’70s began to produce natural-based cosmetics at the prestigious Tenuta Carignana in the countryside at the foot of the Torino Alps. The constant innovation and tradition of a brand with more than 100 years of history is the basis for the reputation of Venus, a brand that accompanies generations the beauty of women with its specific facial and body treatments.



Coswell Company was created in 2006, from the long-standing experience of Guaber Spa, founded in 1961, to provide consumers with quality products for personal care. Coswell is an Italian, dynamic and innovative “family company” that pursues sustainable development and environmental protection. It has brands such as Bionsen, Istituto Erboristico l’Angelica, Blanx, Biorepair, Isomar, Vitermine, Prep, Rapid, Dolorelax, Rockford, Patrichs, Gandini, Transvital and distributes the brands Renato Balestra, Byblos Parfum, Australia and Antonio Fusco. Our company is the distributor of Bionsen, Byblos and Transvital products in Romania.



Italian company, producing quality products in terms of house care and cleanliness. Since its inception, Madel has always invested significant resources in product research and production processes, environmental protection being a cornerstone of its work. MADEL operates in the detergents market with the main purpose of protecting the environmentsi de , in addition to the intrinsic quality and performance of the products. It is also part of the AISE program, the volunteer project to raise awareness and better resource management in the environment, being a member of Assocasa and Unipro.



Company specializing in the manufacture of products derived from active ingredients from herbs. Using the latest research and pharmaceutical technologies offers high quality products that address to body and skin care taking into account the specific needs of today’s women. Tibecom & Co International has managed to obtain exclusivity on the Romanian market for all Perlier ranges.



SILC, Società Italiana Lavorazione Cellulosa, was founded in 1972 and started operating in the field of absorbent hygienic products to cover its own market needs in all its segments: incontinence aids, female napkins, baby diapers and later products for pets.

Our company emphasizes the full range of the range by producing the entire category of hygiene products for absorption and dermocosmetics.

After a long experience, only as a manufacturer on behalf of the most important Italian and European companies in the mid-1990s, S.I.C. begins to put its own brand products directly into the market, thanks to the technical know-how in the field of design, development and production, implemented directly in the field and growing production capacity, continuing to look for more and more innovative commercial solutions for a more and more competitive offer.



Italian company, belonging to the Desa Group founded in 1979, dealing with the distribution of home care products and personal hygiene. In 1996, RealSilva acquired the Chanterclair brand, gaining exclusivity in the detergent market. Currently, more than thirty years ago, RealSilva is an undisputed player on the market to have a complete and comprehensive range of products and especially an evolution in terms of adapting to consumer needs. Our company has managed to obtain exclusivity on the Romanian market for the well-known range: Chanteclair.

National Partners


























En-Gross Partnership

If you want to become one of the strategic partners of International Tibecom & Co. Trust S.R.L. and take our products into the wholesale system for marketing in your own stores or for redistributing them to your customers, our dedicated department can offer you great deals on a wide range of products that the Company imports directly from manufacturers from Italy . The brands we have in our portfolio are marketed worldwide and benefit for quality assurance.

Collaboration Terms are Simple:

  • You need to have an active and debt-free trading company
  • Provide us with complete data of your company, work points and contacts the price offer and the payment terms are negotiated when signing the contract.
  • First order with a minimum of 5,000 LEI without VAT (prepay / delivery)
  • Subsequent orders in minimum 5000 LEI without VAT (payment method – CEC file)

We look forward to our future cooperation!☺

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